About Us

I Think You’re Special was founded in 2007 by Laura-Louise Winterbourne as a handmade gift shop containing just a few products. Started as a hobby, we have since grown into a web exclusive store filled to the brim with hundreds of unique and (mostly!) personalised gifts.

Our only goal is to ensure we can bring happiness to any occasion, with something here for everyone. We care about what we do and there is love placed into each and every design, idea and product.

Alongside a few well known gift brands, we have our own unique range not found in any other store with hundreds of products to offer. We also specialise in wedding gifts and stationery, ensuring every ‘perfect day’ is as special as it should be.

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? You can order a custom design directly from our website on a number of our product ranges.

Thank you for shopping with us; never forget how special you are.

We make the ordering process as simple as possible by allowing you to personalise your items directly on the product page. If you're unsure whether we can use certain special characters, just ask! ×
Add items to your wishlist when you create an account and you can order them at a later date or keep an eye on products that might be out of stock when you first spot them. ×
We use Paypal for all payments, making the checkout process a piece of cake. No need for a Paypal account, simply pop in your card details and you're good to go! ×
We offer hundreds of exclusive products unique to I Think You're Special and handmade in our craft store. Check out the gorgeous 'ITYS Range' amongst the hundreds of other items we have for sale. ×